So many people start a vegan journey to lose weight and fall off when the results don't happen fast enough. This wasn't the case at all for Chemese!

After trying every diet you can think of and desperately wanting to change her 300 lb frame, she decided to eat a raw vegan diet of tons of fresh fruit & vegetables (minimum cooked food).


In the latest podcast episode, I talk to Chemese about her journey and why she started a 100-day detox to ring in the new year with clarity, exercise and nothing but fresh juice & smoothies.

Not bad for someone who didn't grow up eating vegetables!  :-)

Listen to the episode....

My favorite quote from the episode....

Eating healthy isn’t expensive. It just requires planning and time.
— Chemese

Chemese's bio:

My sole purpose for becoming vegan was to lose weight. This journey began on December 15, 2012, I was over 308+ pounds, unhappy and very unhealthy. I had tried every diet known to man. Nothing seen to really work. I would lose a couple pounds but I would gain them all back and more. 

I did a lot of research about eating a vegan diet and at the beginning it was just a diet for me but I educated myself and it became a lifestyle change. The more I learned the more I knew that this lifestyle was for me. Not to mention I felt amazing and I had tons of energy. 

My transformation was done without surgery, trainers, nutritionists, or fad diets. I was able to transform my body by eating a vegan diet with God’s help. 

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Resources mentioned in this episode:


The 80/10/10 Diet

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Uncle Eddie's vegan cookies 

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