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beyond meat grilled strips review

Beyond Meat Grilled Strips | Quick Review

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that Beyond Meat is coming to Target.

I picked up a couple of their "ground beef" crumbles (for tacos and spaghetti) & grilled strips yesterday to test out in a salad. 

The strips are just okay to me. I think I expected them to be better.

I hyped them up in my head, since I love their crumbles so much. lol

The texture wasn't as firm as I was a little too soft and weird for my taste.

Not horrible...just not what I expected.

Eric and Brandon enjoyed the strips in this salad (the other ingredients in the salad are romaine, spinach, tomatoes, avocado, red bell pepper, red onion & tortilla strips).

Elijah & Jason decided to eat leftovers because they didn't want a salad (so I didn't get any feedback from them).

If I buy the chicken strips again, I will chop them up into small pieces (like I do with Gardein products to stretch them out in pasta, soup & tacos) and I'm sure it will taste better.

I love that these strips take less than a minute to cook on the stovetop on high heat with a little oil.

I think this meat alternative is perfect for folks tip-toeing into vegan life with the fam...just don't expect it to taste like traditional chicken. Embrace it like a new experience. :-)


From the Beyond Meat label....

Non-GMO, contains soy, vegan (of course), gluten-free, kosher, contains as much protein as chicken

Top 3 ingredients on the label: water, soy protein isolate & pea protein isolate

Have you tried these chicken strips yet?


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