We're escaping the cold weather in Virginia and heading to the Bahamas next month for our family vacation.  I'm super excited because it will be the kids' first overseas trip and we get to celebrate Eric's birthday on the island.

I am a little nervous, though.

We decided to go on this trip nearly 6 mos ago, yet just took the kids to get their passports the day after Christmas.

The state department says it takes 4-6 weeks to receive them. I could've paid extra to have them expedited (within 2 weeks) but it would've been $1,000 total. Ridiculous!  We leave on Feb 6th.

Crossing my fingers and toes for a fast passport processing time.


One trip booked...2 more to go for 2013.

Updated Travel List

I'm so ready to get back in the sky.

I was looking at my travel list and need to update it.  Hawaii & Alaska aren't places I want to go right now. Hubby said we should do Hawaii for our 10 year anniversary, so that may change. Also, my sister (and a couple of other people) scared me away from New Orleans. *le sigh*

Where I would like to go within the next 12 months...

Los Angeles


Paradise Island

Any travel plans coming up for you?