#47 5 Reasons You Failed Going Vegan + What You Should Do About It

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Quick recap of the tips:

  • You weren't clear on your why
  • Was being too restrictive
  • Didn't realize there are so many options for meals. Ain't just salad, bih!
  • Didn't meal plan...or plan for anything else
  • You went into it expecting everything to be perfect

Here's the vegan shrimp from Loving Hut I talked about during the episode....


I hope this is helpful! Leave your feedback in the comments.

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#45 Where Do I Start?

In the podcast episode, I share 4 basic tips on how to get started on your vegan journey.

  • Be gentle with yourself
  • Crowd out the dairy, eggs & meat
  • Do your research
  • Find a community

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#41 The 6: Lessons Learned From Being Vegan for 6 Years

In April, I celebrated 6 years as a vegan!  In this podcast episode, I share some of my lessons from the last 6 yrs and get candid about this misconception of a "perfect" vegan.

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Quick recap of the 6 lessons:

  • Didn't expect my family to get on board with me -- so grateful!
  • Cooking is required...especially if you have a family. Don't worry, I offered some advice and encouragement for this subject
  • You will get used to reading ingredient labels
  • You will find a vegan cheese that works for you -- so many options these days
  • Why this lifestyle hasn't been "perfect" for me
  • My struggle with losing and gaining weight 


Resources mentioned:


Vegan cheese brands mentioned: Heidi Ho, Field Roast, Miyoko's KitchenKite Hill & Daiya

Sistah Vegan book

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#40 Why A Juice Cleanse is Much More Than Weight Loss

It was awesome having Jovanka Ciares on the show to share her vegan story and strategies on how to embrace a juice cleanse in a way that works for you.

Not only can you lose weight with a juice cleanse, but the greater benefits are being more present, disciplined and to heal your body.

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Tips on how to have a successful cleanse:

  • [Newbies] Start with a combination of food and juices, so you don't feel overwhelmed
  • Drink every couple of hours - don't limit yourself
  • Around 4 PM enjoy a small smoothie of banana, plant-based milk (almond, coconut, etc.)
  • Drink lots of water and herbal tea is okay
  • Write/track your feelings in a journal


Quotes from the episode:

"You cleanse to let your body heal"

"Every choice...every bite needs to honor your body."


Reach Jovanka:


YouTube channel

Get her Sexy Body Reset detox guide at the top of her website


Resources mentioned: 

The China Study book

Diet for A New America book

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