vegan grocery haul for families

Vegan Family Grocery Haul (VIDEO)

Vegan grocery haul alert!

In this haul, I use Instacart to bring groceries to our house while I worked on a project.

Instacart is amazing! You just use the app to order and pay for your groceries, and they send someone to shop and deliver the food to you.

In this grocery haul, I spent about $200 at Whole Foods.

Of course, you don't have to shop at places like Whole Foods to be vegan -- Wal-Mart, Trader Joe's, Safeway, Kroger and Aldi all have vegan options. 

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Click below to watch the full video...

Did you notice how I butchered "Worcestershire" in this video? After filming, I watched a YouTube tutorial, and practiced saying it for 15 minutes. I can finally pronounce it right now! At least I think so lol

Resources mentioned in the video:

Where do you grocery shop the most? Leave me a comment below.

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Small Grocery Haul & Recipes (VIDEO)

I hope you're having a great week!

We moved last month and it opened my world up to a lot more natural grocery stores (expect more reviews on vegan products on Instagram). 

I been playing around in Whole Foods, Trader Joe's and a local store called Mom's Organic Market

Click the picture to watch the  grocery haul video 

Click the picture to watch the grocery haul video 

Mom's Organic Market is where my latest haul is from.

I do like this store a lot and plan to shop there more because they carry a lot of local produce (which is more important than organic to me).

Watch the full grocery haul video here 

Quick info about the haul:

  • I spent $130 on this grocery trip
  • I can usually get a lot more food for that price at Wegmans (my usual store). Mom's is all organic, so I didn't have a choice if I only wanted certain items to be organic.
  • Also, buying a lot of meat alternatives drove up the price too (I don't usually get so many on the same grocery trip).
  • This food lasted about a week because I already had many ingredients at home.
  • We spend about $650-$700 a month on groceries for a family of 5 
  • We ate more meals than I listed below...these are the ones that I remembered to write down and take pics of 

What I cooked with the ingredients:


*** Field Roast meatloaf (very good!), mashed potatoes (I didn't measure but I used almond milk, Earth Balance vegan margarine, salt, black pepper & oregano to make these) & steamed broccoli

*** Stew from The Divine Hostess So simple, filling & delicious! 

***  Roasted potatoes recipe

*** We had smoothies (I skipped the peaches), pears, hummus, carrots & celery for snacks

*** Broccoli & vegan sausage recipe

*** Simple salad with carrots, onion & tomato

*** Spaghetti with Beyond Meat crumbles

*** Butternut squash-barlett pear soup from Bryant Terry's Vegan Soul Kitchen-Delicious!

*** Chickpea salad recipe

Brands mentioned in this video:

Beyond Meat crumbles

Field Roast hotdogs, meatloaf & sausage


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Watch the grocery haul video here...

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