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Some of Our Favorite Natural Health Products

I saw Queenie talking about using natural toothpaste on her Instagram (she wrote a blog post about it too), so I decided to share some of our current favorites when it comes to natural health.

Even though we're not perfect with our natural health at home (I can't find a natural deodorant that I love), I do strive to make improvements to how we take care of ourselves as a family.

Here are 4 products I use often, in this short Instagram video...

A video posted by Monique (@brownvegan) on


Cocoa Shea Butter--I believe this product is only sold at Wegmans


Alaffia - EveryDay Coconut - Hydrating Body Wash


What are some of your favorite natural products for health and beauty? Leave me a comment below.

I would also appreciate any advice for natural deodorants that worked well for you. :-)

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