May 2017 Intentions

May 2017 Intentions

This article was originally posted on my other site, This Biz Life.

I looked at my post from December 2016 to see how I was doing on leaving behind things that no longer serve me and moving forward to greatness, and realized I hadn't posted an update in a while.

So here goes...

Intentions & Reflections:

Build & Serve -- My focus for May is to work on growing my audience (reaching 40K YouTube subscribers -- currently at 39,733 and grow my email list by 200 people), provide quality content (on YouTube & the podcast) and focus on money-generating activities.

Mo'Money Mo' Money -- I set an income goal for the first time since February! I swear it's like the universe heard me right away because dope paid opportunities are falling right on my lap.

Digital Girl Going Offline -- One of the things I've embraced this year is the power of offline paid opportunities. Even though it can be very uncomfortable (and I don't feel like I know what the hell I'm doing lol), I love being able to connect and hug folks in person.

I did my first paid cooking demo in Baltimore back in March!

February 2017 Intentions

One of my mom's favorite sayings is, "time waits for no one."

She's right!

January was busy, exciting, exhausting and rewarding. I swear it feels like late April (not February) because of everything that happened. 

Not only did I work hard on this brand, I also shifted my focus to my other brand, This Biz Life.

2017 is going to be about planting seeding and watering my soil.

I can feel it!

Reflections from the month:

  • I gave myself permission to not be perfect. I will work hard, but I have to put my ideas and products out if I want to improve. Also, I was okay this month with putting out 2 videos on my YouTube channel that weren't heavily produced. 
  • Genuine connections are everything -- I opened myself up to connect more and it feels amazing!
  • Focusing on one thing at time until completion is key to maximizing my productivity. I have to focus on one thing at time if I want to win!
  • I really need to hire someone to help with behind the scenes work. 

December 2016 Recap and Going Forward with 2017

December 2016 Recap and Going Forward with 2017

So ummm, yeah.

See my last monthly intentions post here

I knew about 10 days into December that all of my plans for the month were out the window.

Instead, I spent that time reflecting and planning for 2017.

Christmas was nice. The kids are healthy. Eric is thriving in his business (he's still adjusting to self-employment) and I worked a ton on Zero to Vegan.

As a matter of fact, I finally launched Zero to Vegan!

Life is good.

What I Will Leave Behind in 2016

  • Only working when I feel "inspired" -- The truth is, I usually only feel inspired about 8 days out of the month. This is exactly why I don't get my work done. I will be disciplined and consistent.
  • Vague ass goals -- Instead of saying, "I will make 3 videos this month" I need to know what those videos will be and work on a plan to get it done.  I will make my monthly & weekly goals specific and actionable.

December 2016 Intentions

December 2016 Intentions

It's that time of year again....the time when I reflect on my year and feel like I didn't get shit done. *Sigh*

I had a moment of panic the other day when I realized we have less than 31 days left in the year.

Instead of crying in the corner (with my overdramatic ass), I decided to think about what I can do to end the year on a high note.