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How to Replace Butter When You're Ready to Go Vegan

When I show my clients how to embrace a vegan lifestyle, I always focus on making the experience as familiar and simple as possible. I know how hard it can be when you're ready to change and everything feels so different and overwhelming...especially when you're trying to make this change with a family. 


The good news is, replacing conventional butter is super simple when you're transitioning to vegan life.


Why conventional butter isn't vegan - Since conventional butter is from made using cow's milk it's not considered a vegan. That milk is meant for calves anyway, so here are 3 better options for your toast, bagels, oatmeal, grits, pancakes, baking etc....


3 options to replace Conventional butter:


*Earth Balance vegan margarine (this is the product I use most)


*Smart Balance Buttery Spread (this brand is likely more accessible)



*I haven't tried the recipe below (I will soon!) but it looks like an awesome alternative for conventional butter.


I got it from Vegan Cherry's Facebook page.


What's your favorite butter alternative?

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Should Vegan Kids Go to the Zoo?

Jason (now 11) was about 5 yrs old in this picture

Jason (now 11) was about 5 yrs old in this picture

I came across some pictures of a petting zoo field trip I took with Jason back in 2007. I want to take the boys to the zoo before it gets too cold.

Going to the circus or rodeo with my family is a no-brainer (hell no!), but I go back and forth about the zoo. I love the zoo and want to share this experience with all three of my kids (my youngest son has never been with me).

For me, veganism is way more than food. I became a vegan for ethical reasons. This is why I feel so conflicted.  


It bothers me that those animals are caged in, but at the same time, they're usually well taken care of like the ones at an animal sanctuary.

I don't know....Maybe I'm still too "young" in this lifestyle to completely grasp why it's so wrong to partake in zoo visits. Is it even wrong or have I convinced myself that it's wrong?  

Anyway, I say all that to say that we're visiting the National Zoo later this month.

I'm really working on being more open about my decisions and feeling okay that I don't fit perfectly in this self-imposed vegan box. It's a process and a journey that I will continue to blog about here.

Thanks for reading! 


What are your thoughts? Should vegans go to the zoo?

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