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Learning to Turn Down the Noise | Mrs. New Booty #9

I started the "Mrs. New Booty" series to document some of my food issues, weight loss & self love chit-chat. Read older posts here

The internet is an interesting place.

It makes me excited, hopeful, envious, inspired, sad, happy, and can have me rolling around the bed in laughter - all in the span of a few hours.

I've been working on filtering a lot of that noise out of my life...especially social media.

There's so much amazing content out there, but overall a lot of the chatter is a distraction.

I just don't think it's healthy to look at what everyone else is doing when there's so many improvements that I need to make in my own life.

I need to work on my marriage, spend more quality time with my children, grow my business, find out what I really want out of life, eat better, read more & spend more time outside.

All of that is hard to do when I'm constantly plugged in!

I feel like I'm entering a new season in my life. A season where I'm learning to be confident about my life and myself. It's definitely a process but I will be diligent to make it happen.

What I do now to unplug?

  • Daily walks around my neighborhood for 30 minutes - Eric told me that he heard on a podcast that the results of a daily walk can make you feel like you just got a $30,000 increase. Cha ching!
  • Intentional unplugging for 2 hours a day- I know this doesn't sound like much but for someone who is constantly plugged in this is an amazing step! I can't wait to build up to most of the day unplugged. *crossing my fingers*
  • Unfollowed/hid nearly everyone - I like a lot of people online and kept finding myself being more tuned in to their lives than my own. I unfollowed (and hid) tons of people to take back my time. I still check on folks but overall "out of sight out of mind" rules everything around me.

I have to put my blinders on and do the work if I ever want to come out of this dark hole.

I'm well aware that social media is a depression trigger for me. Sad but true.

What's next?

  • Meditation. *sigh* I've tried meditation on and off for years but I never feel like I'm doing it right. I'm reading 10% Happier right now and Dan Harris has me inspired to try it again. I always hear about the amazing benefits, so I know that tapping into it should give me more patience. Lord knows I need more patience! lol
  • Adding more time to my unplugged life - This one is hard but I have to do it. I'll probably add 30 more minutes a day each month for the rest of the year. *crossing my fingers* 

I will still look at pop culture stories (lawd!) and check in on folks, but overall I will be intentional with my time.

The internet is a powerful resource (hell I make my living on it!) but I really have to step back and take control of my life if I want to achieve all the amazing dreams that I see for myself & family.

I have to step back so I can step up and live my best life.

Do you unplug? What do you do during that down time?

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The 5 Minute Workout-Mrs. New Booty #7

I started the "Mrs. New Booty" series is document my weight loss (lifestyle change) & self love journey.

This weather is killing my vibe.

The last thing I want to do is go outside in the cold (and snow) for my walk.  Even though I've been using the weather as an excuse not to exercise, I'm working on not making excuses. 

It's hard.

After so many years of justifying my bad habits, it will take me some time to get it right. My workouts are very simple anyway...I usually just walk and listen to a podcast.

Until I can get back out for my walk...

I've been doing a 5 minute workout from home. This may sound silly but I know how I am. Starting small and being consistent works wonders for me, so I only commit to 5 minutes.

      I must be getting old because I can only listen to the clean version of ratchet music.

      I must be getting old because I can only listen to the clean version of ratchet music.

I put on a ratchet song and run fast in place like I'm on a treadmill. It feels like the longest 5 minutes in life but I feel energized and ready to conquer my day when it's over.

I also listen to Will Smith's Wisdom for about 7 minutes before I start my running to stretch and get motivated.

The beauty of starting.  I'm celebrating this baby step, but I do plan to increase my routine as time goes on. The weather will get right soon (it was actually very nice today) and I'll be back outside enjoying the fresh air.

What baby steps are you taking today to change your life? Are you eating better, writing more, unplugging from the Internet to recharge? Leave me a comment below.

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I Got Those Booty Shorts | Mrs New Booty #6

Yep! Remember when I said I would wear shorts before the summer is over?


Well I did!  These jogging shorts count, right?  lol I haven't stepped on the scale, but I'm really starting to love the skin that I'm in. I find myself focusing on the areas I like about myself opposed to what I desperately want to change.

I spent most of the summer walking for 30 minutes and I now jog more without thinking about it. Progress!

Target posin' Ha! lol

Target posin' Ha! lol

 How can I expect real change if I don't appreciate where I am right now?

Mrs. New Booty is truly about maintaining a exercise routine and making gradual life long changes for a healthier body and mind. 

What are you doing to stay/get in shape?

I'm blogging Mon-Fri this month for Vegan MoFo.

Subscribe below, so you don't miss a post.  


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I Stopped Exercising Last Week | Mrs. New Booty #5

Check out previous Mrs New Booty posts here.

I kind of saw this coming...

After jogging nearly every day for the last month, I randomly stopped a week ago. I tend to get so excited about something that I burn myself out.  It happens.

Today I woke up on time (5 AM) did some work and went on a 4 mile walk.  It felt great! 

Snapped a pic :-) 

Snapped a pic :-) 

I'm not pressuring myself to jog or run anymore.  I just want to get out there and get started. 

A couple of people suggested HIIT workouts but i actually prefer the long routine because it gives me a chance to have some time alone and listen to podcasts without  interruption from the kids. lol

Anywho, I just wanted to an update post and let you guys know that I'm still working on making daily physical activity a lifestyle change. 

Thanks for reading! 

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