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Replay From YouTube Live Stream | Do You Take Supplements & Other Vegan Questions

I did my first YouTube live stream the other day and all I can say is WOW!

So many awesome questions about family, meal planning, protein, supplements, kitchen equipment, eating out as a vegan, etc.

Click to watch the Q&A here and get the timestamp under the video.....

~The chat doesn't start until 10:40 ~ Fast forward to that point

11:14- How do you put vegan meals together?

15:15 - How do you prepare tofu?

19:30 - How to get started on a vegan journey with young children?

22:13 - Have you tried the Daiya boxed macaroni & cheese? (I mentioned Earth Balance mac & cheese too)

24:47 - What dishes should you make that would be inviting to non-vegans?

27:19 - Advice on how to get started on a vegan journey with a small budget & when cooking for omnivores

30:59 - Have you tried hemp tofu?

31:20 - How do I handle eating out as a vegan?

35:20 - Is being vegan expensive?

37:02 - What kitchen equipment do you need? I did a blog post about this here

38:55 - Any advice for a new vegan?

40:32 - How do you feel about Raw Til 4?

42:10 - Any tips for single vegans? The portions are too big for most recipes.

43:20 - Any tips for college students eating vegan? I mentioned Tofu Guru & this article from Happy Herbivore 

44:20 - How do you need enough protein?

45:35 How do you store your greens and other fresh produce?

47:48 - Can you recommend any vegetables that have a similar texture to meat? I said eggplant but mushrooms (especially portobello and oyster) have a more meaty texture. When I want a true meat texture I seek out brands like Gardein, Beyond Meat & Field Roast.

50:30 - How do you clean your produce? I use apple cider vinegar or activated charcoal powder. GeT more info on charcoal powder on Hey Fran Hey's video 

51:24 - Do you take supplements?

52:00 - How do you handle picky eaters? I wrote a post about this here

55:03 - How do I pack lunches? I wrote a post about school lunches here

55:10 - How do your friends and family feel about you being vegan?

1:00 - What cleaning supplies do you use?

1:02:20- What do you think of vegan soul food and can you recommend any recipes? Cornbread recipe is here & vegan macaroni & cheese recipe is here

1:03:00 - Chit chat about how my dad inspired me to start a vegan life and business

1:05:11 - How do you get teenage boys to embrace vegan life?

1:07:39 - What your favorite part about YouTube?

1:08:40 What are your go-to snacks while out and about? I mentioned Larabars

1:10:28 - How do I handle my husband who goes back & forth with a vegan lifestyle?

1:13:49 - Do you make your own almond milk -Here's a video I made on how to make almond milk here


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