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What We Tried Today: Gardein Crispy Tenders


A few weeks ago I picked up a bag of Gardein Crispy Tenders for lunch.  I was pleasantly surprised at how close the taste is to regular chicken. 

I decided to test them out on the fam for dinner and everyone enjoyed it. Simon actually suggested that I pack them in his lunch box. Woohoo!



*A great way to transition from eating conventional chicken nuggets -Tastes just like regular chicken


*No crazy ingredients-Being able to pronounce all of the ingredients is another huge plus


*Takes about 25 minutes to bake-this isn't a major con but I was hungry lol

To save time, you can thaw them out and use the microwave instead.

*Contains wheat & soy-I know some people have allergies and problems digesting these foods

Both a Pro & Con

*Pricey-You get 10 (kind of small) tenders for about $5~Since we're a family of 5, I had to buy $15 worth to feed us for one night.  I also picked up a bag of french fries and broccoli, so the total came to about $22. It would cost a lot more to eat out at a restaurant, so this would make a great occasional dinner.


Ideas for the lunch box and beyond with Gardein Crispy Tenders:

Wrap a few tenders in a tortilla with lettuce and cucumber slices-top with a sauce of your choice

Make a basic garden salad and top with warm tenders

Have you tried any Gardein products?  Let me know what you think.

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Since I love music just as much as I enjoy cooking, Pandora is usually playing in the background while I explore vegan recipes. Starting today, I will feature a "song in my head" at the end of each food related post. This idea was inspired by Byrant Terry's writing in Vegan Soul Kitchen.

Song in My Head While Cooking

Al Green's "Tired of Being Alone" performance onSoul Train

R.I.P. Don Cornelius


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