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My Current Podcast Format


Even though my Brown Vegan podcast has been around since the end of 2013, I've never had a true format for the show until recently.

Why? Lack of consistency.

It's hard to nail down a format when you show up to work whenever the hell you want it. This has been my struggle for the longest.

In one of the recent episodes, I played around with a format that I like a lot but it took forever to do.

Here's what the current format looks like...

  • 20-30 second snippet from the interview portion of the episode

  • Music playing for about 3 seconds

  • Intro about what to expect in the episode (who the guest is and topics we discuss)

  • Sponsored ad (if applicable)

  • Interview with guest (30-50 minutes)

  • 30-second pre-reordered outro with music 

I'm really enjoying this format! It allows me to edit and get out an episode without overthinking the process.

Have you thought about starting a podcast? What questions do you have?

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I had Alyssa on my Brown Vegan podcast recently to talk about why we need more vegan podcasts and how to set one up.

Since I get so many questions about how I edit my show, I figured I should write a post to share my workflow.

My podcast had very humble beginnings. My first episode was recorded using the voice memo on my iPod (I couldn't even afford an iPhone back then), and I knew nothing about recording, editing, etc. 

You have to start before you're ready! Take the leap and make improvements as you go. 


Here's my current process for editing podcast episodes...

  • Put the raw interview file in Audacity (free software) to edit.

  • Listen to the interview for the first time to see how it flowed, to edit out dead air, interruptions, etc. 

  • Listen again in a few hours (or days) to edit out most "umms," jots down notes for the blog post, and to get a 30-second snippet for social media. This edit usually takes the longest to do. 

  • If it feels like the episode didn't flow well, I will listen a third time. It’s very rare for me to listen to an interview more than twice tho.

  • Once the interview portion of the episode is done, I save it to my desktop and then record my introduction using a Yeti microphone and Audacity. 

  • I edit my introduction (this is usually 3-5 mins of audio), then put all the footage together in Audacity & save to the desktop. This footage includes: my introduction, interview, music, pre-recorded outro, advertisements, etc.

  • Quick final make sure I didn’t make any mistakes while putting all the clips together (I don't listen straight through)

  • Once the episode is ready, I upload the final mp3 file to Libsyn (my podcast host)

  • Make an image for social media in Canva.

  • Write a simple blog post.

  • Make an audio post in Wavve to share on social media.

  • Reach out to the podcast interviewee by email to let them know the episode is live with a link to the blog post and image for social media. 

That’s it!

I know I have a lot of steps, but you can keep it as simple as you want!

What are your questions about podcasting?

Let me know!

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4 Mindset Shifts to Go Vegan in the New Year (Audio)

Starting a vegan journey is much more than just finding recipes online. There are several mindset shifts that have to happen in order for you to have a long-term vegan life.

Listen to the mindset shifts audio here (7 mins)....

  • Write down why you want to go vegan - Is it for ethical, health or environmental reasons? Maybe it's a little bit of everything. Take a few minutes and write down your reasons and visualize how your life will look after the transformation. Having this purpose on paper will give you something to refer back to when you get discouraged.  Write it down, make it happen!
  • Make the decision - If you don't decide to go vegan, you will always make excuses about why you can't do it. When you make the decision to take this step, you're more likely to research and take action. There's so much power in that declaration!
  • This journey is NOT perfect - Please don't beat yourself up! You will fall. You will feel overwhelmed. Some days cooking will be the last thing you want to do! Hold on! You got this! Always remember progression over perfection!
  • You need a meal plan - There's really no way around this one. You must plan your meals in order to stay on track. Use Pinterest, Findingvegan, Google and library books for ideas. You can also check out my recipe page for suggestions. Also, check out this previous article with 5 Meal Planning Tips for New Families 

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