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Last Minute Gift Ideas


Gingerbread Cookies


I made these cookies last year for the boys and they make a fabulous last minute homemade gift. Here's the recipe

Brown Sugar Body Scrub

I picked up (8) half pint mason jars at Target and made this gift for the ladies in our family.

Not only is this scrub very easy to put together, but it also helped me get rid of all the brown sugar in my pantry. Woohoo!


This body scrub is an awesome gentle exfoliator and moisturizer.  You can't beat inexpensive natural beauty. :-)

Brown Sugar Scrub

by Brown Vegan


Ingredients (1 pint)

  • 2 cups organic brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup coconut oil, melted


Mix brown sugar and coconut oil in a bowl until well combined.

Place mixture into a mason jar and decorate with ribbon or a bow.

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5 Tips for Beautiful Glowing Skin

Ok, so I was silly enough to believe eliminating meat, dairy and eggs from my diet would automatically give me the beautiful glowing skin that blogs and news articles rave about. Umm, it's been two years and I'm still waiting.

Honestly I really can't blame anyone but myself.  I don't drink enough water (I guess those 4 cups of herbal tea don't count), I don't wash my face as frequently as I should, and my diet isn't very clean (sugar is the devil *shaking my head*).

Seeing myself on film really brings home the need to get a skin care regimen together. Pronto. 

Since I'm aiming to make this regimen as natural as possible, I've been searching the Internets for tips to get it right.

Natural tips to get beautiful glowing skin:

*Wash your face, yo! I'm starting the daily oil cleansing method as soon as I pick up some castor oil and unrefined sunflower seed oil.  I'm also going to continue with a bit of unrefined coconut oil and/or grapeseed oil to moisturize. 

*Frequently change your pillowcases- Changing your cases at least once a week will reduce bacteria and oil from getting on your face and reduces the likelihood of skin problems.

*Drink more water- My "friend in my head" heyfranhey often talks about drinking as much water as you can to flush out toxins and maintain radiate skin.

*Stock up on foods rich in vitamin C- Berries, sweet potatoes, citrus fruit, broccoli, and grapes are excellent for producing collagen that feeds the skin, causing it to glow.

*Drink green smoothies- I've been slacking on my green smoothies lately but since I usually have kale and spinach on hand, I should be able to get back on track in no time. Here's a video with Kimberly Synder on Dr. Oz discussing the wonderful benefits of blending greens for skin.

Time to get my skin together!


What's your natural skin care regimen/tips?


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7 Whole Days-Water Challenge

*singing* 7 whole days and not a word from you.

Anyhoo....I hope you're enjoying the weekend.

I'm challenging myself to be intentional about drinking more water.  Sure, I probably get some from the raw fruit and vegetables (and the several daily cups of green tea *tea holic*), but I find that I don't just grab a glass of water and gulp it down enough.

I'm trying to clear up my skin (damn you, vanity!), flush out a few organs, and help with digestion.

Keeping it simple-I will drink four 18 oz glasses for the next 7 days.  I hope to continue afterwards but I just want to see if I jump over this hurdle.


The weather is gorgeous today! *pleeease stay this way*

So, I'm going to drink this 18 oz and take a short walk with the fam.


Do you drink enough water?

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Edible Beauty: Facial Mask-3 Ingredients

I've been neglecting my skin for far too long. I'm challenging myself to get it right!

I saw this video on BubzBeauty the other day-Moisturize and slightly exfoliate your face using 3 simple ingredients.


Slightly massage the mask, then....


I had a lot of mask left over so I ate it.  :-)


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