I remember when I was afraid to spend more than $20 to build and grow my business.

For the first couple of years, my only business expense was Squarespace -- my website and hosting.

That was it. No fancy software. Nada.

Then I went from one extreme to another...from being afraid to spend any money to spending way too much.

There was a time (like a couple of months ago lol) where my business expenses were well over $600.

This was madness because most months I wasn't bringing in enough money to justify it. 

Even though I don't believe in spending thousands of dollars to start your business, I do feel you need certain pieces of software to save you money and time.

These days, I try to minimize my business expenses and have figured out a way to use one piece of software for multiple functions.

For example, I use Leadpages to collect emails, host webinars, make sales pages, collect payments, and deliver products. 

I'm all about making life easier, so here are the seven tools I use to run my business.

Seven tools...

1. Squarespace - I've been using Squarespace for years. I started off with a free site on Wordpress, but Squarespace is more of my speed. It's easy to use (I'm not tech savvy), affordable, and their tech support is top notch. They used to make mini tutorials back in the day. I told you I'm not tech savvy. lol 

2. Teachable - I use Teachable to host my course. I love how user-friendly the software is, and how it organizes content in a way that is easy for customers to consume. 

3. Acuity Scheduling & Calendly - I use free accounts (Acuity came free with my Squarespace account) for both of these businesses to schedule business consults and podcast interviews. There's no need to go back and forth with guests or potential clients when all you have to do is link them to your calendar to schedule appointment. The more hands off the better!

4. Leadpages - I use this software to set up opt-in pages (to get folks to join my email list -- like this page), host webinars, make sales pages (like this one), collect payments, and deliver products. 

5. Libsyn - I use this software to host my Brown Vegan and This Biz Life podcast episodes.

6. Convertkit - I started off with Mailchimp, but Convertkit is amazing for building my email list and automation. For example, when someone signs up for a course on Teachable, I set up automation to send them a welcome email. Like I said above, the less hands off I can be the better. Plus, you can't beat giving your customers a better experience.

7. Wavve - You already know how much I believe video is important for building and growing an online business.  I love using this software to share snippets of my podcast episodes on social media to get listeners to click over to Apple podcasts or my website to listen to the full episode. 

Let me know in the comments what tools you use to run your biz.

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When I started my Brown Vegan business in 2013 (I use that year because it was the first time I made money), I was doing a little bit of everything...

  • Blogging

  • YouTube

  • Social Media

  • Newsletters

  • Podcast

  • Meeting folks in my industry by going to events

  • Etc. Etc. Etc.

I know a lot of people say you shouldn't focus on more than 1 or 2 main "things" in your business but, hey, I bore easily. lol

Out of this list, the areas working the most in my business right now are weekly newsletters, my podcast & YouTube channel.


Newsletter: I send out a weekly newsletter because it's an opportunity to connect with my audience on a deeper level. I actually prefer my email list over social media these days, because social can feel very noisy in comparison. Not everyone is checking social media each day (believe it or not lol) but most people are checking their email.

I use Convertkit to collect email addresses and send out emails with tips, special promos, videos, podcast episodes, and updates to my audience. 


Podcast: I love doing Brown Vegan podcast and get such incredible feedback from the listeners. On the show, I share tips from my experiences with being vegan and also bring on guests to share their stories.

The show has been a great way to sell my products and grow my email list too because I often mention my Vegan Starter Kit opt-in and products that I have to offer.


Video: Video is soooo powerful! On my Brown Vegan channel, I post recipes, grocery haul, vegan tips, etc. to help families transition to a vegan lifestyle. Not only do I help my viewers see how simple, delicious and affordable vegan life can be, but I also grow my email list with new subscribers and sell my products.

Another form of video that has worked well is doing weekly live streams on Instagram. I promote special offers, answer questions, come up with new content (based on questions and feedback), let my audience know about new content (on my YouTube channel or podcast) and connect with my audience on a deeper level than just posting pictures.

I highly recommend you incorporate video into your brand ASAP!

What tasks are working well in your business? Leave me a comment!

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