Vegan While Out: Molly's Cupcakes (Chicago)

I had a bit of a sweet tooth while in Chicago. After my sister and cousin stuffed their faces with popcorn at Garrett, I was on a mission to find vegan cupcakes. Sprinkles was my first choice (because it was closer to where we were) but when I checked their menu on my BlackBerry, I only saw a red velvet option and I wanted chocolate.

We caught the bus to North Clark St and I headed to the counter for this.....

I don't have much experience with vegan cupcakes but this one was quite dense.  I think I went there with an unrealistic expectation of a fluffy cupcake like the conventional ones (with eggs) typically are.  I spoke to an employee who said she didn't have an ingredient list but ensured me there were no animal byproducts.  I only wanted to know the ingredients to make sure I used the opposite of what they did for when I experiment with a few recipes on my own. LOL  I personally thought the $3 wasn't worth it.

Off to look for cupcake recipes...wish me luck!

Sign outside of the bakery

What are your vegan cupcake experiences?