Lunch Box Happenings & NEW Series on 5-Minute School Lunches

Since last school year, I’ve wanted to purchase Laptop Lunch Boxes to send healthy lunches for the boys. While at the grocery store the other day, I stood in the aisle for nearly fifteen minutes debating whether or not I should spend $35 a pop for lunch bags. 

I mulled over the benefits:

*No more Ziploc bags - at nearly $4 per box, I would save money in the long run

*The environmental aspect of waste-free lunches

*How convenient it would be for vegan food-on most days they wouldn’t even need an ice pack



I purchased it


When I got the boxes home and cleaned them out, I was disappointed at the poor construction of the big blue box that holds the bento style containers in place.  I knew it wouldn’t last for the school year, let alone a few school years.  


The actually food containers and carrying bag were of good quality, but the flimsy blue container and the fact that it was hard to open and close, made me consider another option.


I also want to mention that Alvin (my middle chipmunk) loved the lunch box and wanted to keep it.  I think he was sold on how appetizing his food looked in it.




I returned the lunch boxes and decided to just get the Laptop bento style containers (no bag, blue box, silverware or nutrition guide included) for $13 and $5 basic lunch bags. Success! I saved money (always important for me), my kids will still have a waste free lunch, and their lunches will still be healthy.

I know how difficult it can be to think of healthy lunch ideas when you have a lot of other pressing factors in your life.  Starting next week, I will post a series on 5-minute lunch box ideas and tips on how to start motivated throughout the school year.  I hope you join me in the Comments section with your own tips.  Let’s save school lunch one day at a time!

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