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Veganize It! Chef John's Crispy Potatoes with Spicy Garlic & Chili Aioli

A lot of my inspiration for meal planning and recipe videos come from non-vegan sources.  I spend hours skimming through cookbooks soaking in recipes from around the world and really enjoy learning about food preparation and spices. Did I mention I have a slight desire to attend culinary school? I just couldn't imagine handling eggs, cheese, and meat all day, though. *sigh*

Last week, I watched Chef John (a non-vegan chef) put together a fried potato dish using herbs and simple spices.

I made it today and it was so delish! Crispy on the outside and soft (like old school McDonald's fries) on the inside.

I only had to make one ingredient change to make this recipe vegan. I used Vegenaise in place of conventional mayo, and also decided to add chili paste to the topping to give it an extra kick.

This batch didn't come out as crispy as the first picture.

When I make this dish again (probably this weekend), I will use more potatoes (these kids are greedy lol) and allow them to fry longer to ensure each potato is even more crispy. I was a little nervous that I would burn them, so I only fried each batch for about 6 minutes (8-9 is probably a better number).

Visit Food Wishes to watch the video and get the measurements. 

Thanks for reading. :-)

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