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How to Read Food Labels | Free Workshop

On this Thursday (October 1st) I will teach a free virtual workshop on how to read food labels while vegan grocery shopping. No more standing in the grocery aisle for too long trying to figure out whether or not your spaghetti sauce or favorite bag of chips is vegan.
My goal is to give you as many strategies as possible on how to start (and stay on) a delicious vegan life.

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We will go over:

  • 5 strategies on how to quickly spot non-vegan ingredients
  • 2 free grocery apps that will literally cut your label reading time in half
  • 4 common non-vegan ingredients and how to avoid them
  • Live Q&A session afterwards 

We meet online at 7 PM EST (we'll be finished before Shonda and crew starts lol)

>>> Click here to register (it's free) <<<

See ya in the workshop!


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