Is Being A Vegan Helping Me Lose Weight?


This month marks my two year vegan anniversary! Woohoo!

 It hasn't always been easy but this lifestyle is so worth it.

I became a vegan mainly for ethical and environmental reasons, so the health benefits are just an awesome bonus.

I used to be very self-conscious about my weight. When I stopped worrying, I felt better and the weight started to drop off.

I don't own a scale but based on pictures, it appears that I have lost weight during this last year.


Here's a picture of me from April 2011 

Believe it or not, I actually exercised more in that picture than I do now.

Like LaQuesha says, losing weight is 80% what you eat and 20% exercise.

Here's a side view from last weekend for comparison....


I eat what I want when I want. Some people think being a vegan is about restrictions but it really isn't!

I think counting calories is more work than focusing on eating as a vegan. Overall, I enjoy a lot of the same foods as before (macaroni & cheese and cinnamon rolls), but I can say I also eat more fresh food than 3 years ago.

My motto: As long as it's vegan, I will eat cookies or drink a smoothie at 10 PM. lol

Interested in eating more vegan options? Check out a previous post with tips and also consider Meatless Mondays for a easier transition.

LaQuesha has a great post about her weight transformation through vegan eating and exercise. At her heaviest she was 172 lbs-she's now down to 130 lbs.  

Have you lost weight since becoming a vegan or changing some of your eating habits? Let's discuss in the comments.