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Ben & Jerry's Vegan Ice Cream Review with the Kids

I know what it feels like to be nervous that you will miss out on your favorite foods when you start a vegan journey.

I really thought we would "lose" ice cream back in 2010 when we started our own vegan journey.

The good news is, you really don't have to give up anything to start a vegan lifestyle.

There is literally a vegan option for anything you can think of - including creamy and familiar ice cream.

Ben & Jerry's just released not one but four vegan ice creams options. Dopeness!

The options are:

Coffee Caramel Fudge

P.B. & Cookies (my fave of the 4)

Chunky Monkey 

Chocolate Fudge Brownie

I usually don't even like ice cream made out of almond milk (I prefer ones made from cashews, soy or coconut milk), so I was pleasantly surprised at how good these are.

Click to watch the full review video with my kids below.....

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