Q&A: What's the Easiest Way to Put A Vegan Meal Together?


A question from my Instagram....

I remember those days of struggling to put meals together!

Vegan meal planning felt so different from the way I was already eating, so the thought of not having chicken/beef as the center of the meal was overwhelming.

It is a different way of eating but not nearly as much as we hype it up in our heads.

For dinner (the area most of us struggle with), think of your meals in this combination....


Protein + grain/starch + 1-2 vegetables = Vegan Dinner


Example of what this looks like...

Plant-based protein

Lentils, black beans, walnut meat (used in recipes like this taco salad) vegan sausage, tofu, etc.


Rice, quinoa, pasta, bread, etc.

1-2 Vegetables

Broccoli, eggplant, mushrooms, etc.

Here's how that will look using a simple meal like stir-fry...

Plant-based protein  

Vegan sausage


Rice or quinoa (not shown)


Broccoli, bell pepper, onion

Instead of chicken, steak, etc. as the center/protein of your meal, you will now enjoy plant-based options.

Try not to overthink your meals and I promise it will become easier!

I hope this helps :-)

Here's the full recipe for the stir-fry